Contents Which Makes Your Brand Better

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There are contents that give life to your brand, either for its originality or for its transcendence. And they leave a permanent mark on users, who hardly forget the product or campaign.

As a brand, you should try to use this type of content that gives life in order to differentiate yourself from the competition and attract leads and future customers. It is a simple and effective way to develop within the most common digital marketing strategies.

Content with storytelling

Companies that integrate life-giving content can create and improve their personal brand image. Thus, they will be characterized thereafter by having specific values ​​or image. Your marketing actions will no longer be limited to presenting a product or service; it is as a brand; you are recognizable among others.

To make the content that gives life to your brand effective, your campaigns must take into account three factors. The content generated by your brand must be able to convey values, emotions or feelings. In this way, you will leave a mark on the user, who will more easily remember your campaign or your brand.

The most relevant aspect is that your campaign says something. That is, to integrate into a larger message. Transmedia storytelling has great advantages. In addition to telling a story and being able to get excited, users can actively participate. Some may even create an emotional connection with the brand.

Big brands like Apple, Google or Facebook are some of the ones that have developed storytelling in their campaigns. Users not only await the launch of the new season but also feel challenged by the products. The brand is completely suited to them. Until you feel a deep emotional connection.

6 contents that give life to brands

Creative directors have an obligation to turn around marketing campaigns in order to develop more creative projects that better reach their audience. Introducing content that gives life to the brand is one of the most influential aspects when it comes to improving results.

It's about focusing the design to go from useless to charming. Or from the merely informative to the entertaining. In any case, the brand manages to leave a permanent mark on the audience.

1. Photographs

Few contents that give life are more important than images. A popular saying says and states that a picture is worth a thousand words. And is that the power to move, convince or show that they have is hardly comparable to other types of formats.

The images are contents that give life to the campaigns since with little they can generate a great impact. In addition, it is a means of direct communication with the audience that can include many implicit messages.

On the other hand, images give rise to creating content that has no creative limits. Among the images are illustrations, cartoons and other graphic designs. And it is that, under the appearance of a common format, thousands of possibilities are hidden.

In the case of illustrations, complex concepts can be materialized in a single image. In addition, new trends and styles can be followed, so that the public is even better. On the other hand, it allows collaboration with external designers or illustrators who also have their audience.

2. Video

The videos are also part of the contents that give life but also of the new trends. Users increasingly tend to consume information in video format. And although this type of content can resemble traditional advertising should not.

The new multimedia content challenges the public in a way that traditional advertising does not. In addition, it has to adapt to the actual consumption of users. Brand videos cannot be located anywhere but in the most consumed platforms and formats. Hence, it is necessary to know the audience to which it is addressed.

The videos are contents that give life to the extent that they adapt to the interests and tastes of the audience and manage to surprise her. In addition, they allow developing more creative campaigns that can be developed in several videos, or even reach other formats.

3. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is one of those contents that give life but is not yet widely used. In general, advertising campaigns do not incorporate new technological trends. In fact, it is not often that motion graphics animation campaigns are carried out in 2D or 3D.

However, augmented reality offers the opportunity to superimpose information on a more conventional image or video formats. That is, the real world intermingles with data from the campaign itself.

Users have the opportunity to discover the world through augmented reality. For companies, it is a unique opportunity to attract users and to show the product or service offered. In addition, given its still low use, they are contents that give life to the brand and leave a mark.

4. Emotions

It is not always easy to introduce emotions into an advertising campaign. It's about betting on a trait, like humor, to develop a different campaign. For example, Denny's brand opted to offer more entertaining content.

The Tumblr page surprises to the extent that they publish unexpected things. However, the contents work for the brand. The brand knows the sense of humor of the audience and exploits it to offer content that is affordable to them. In addition, the contents are adapted to the platform where they are shared.

It is important that, so that the contents that give life are accepted, they do not stand out negatively on the platform where they are shared and integrate well with the tastes of the audience.

5. Collaboration With Influencers

The actions with influencers are contents that give life as well as reinforcing the brand image. Within digital marketing, one of the best branding tools are influencers. These act on social networks, where there is a greater number of audiences. In addition, influencers are already endowed with their own brand image, based on followers. And that brand is one of the most powerful today.

Therefore, incorporating an influencer in the branding of a particular brand helps it reach a greater number of buyer people as their corporate identity grows.

In addition, carrying out actions with influencers allows for developing more specific and creative projects. To the extent that the influencer knows his audience can help develop the campaign better. That type of content is content that gives life to the brand since they mark a before and after.

The influencers act as ambassadors and can add value to the brand. They are also content that give life and also humanize the brand and bring it closer to users.

6. Events

On the other hand, events with influencers or with the brand directly are also perceived as unique experiences. Almost as contents that give life to the brand and that make users happy.

Events are unique experiences that allow the brand to differentiate itself from the rest of competitors while establishing a closer relationship with users.

Quality contents that give life

There are formats and channels that condition when creating content that give life to the brand. Some formats are more effective than others and must adapt to the channels through which they are broadcast.

However, at the base, the brand must be clear about the first basis so that the contents that give life to the brand are really effective. And, first of all, the creator must share quality content that is interesting and useful for users.

In any marketing strategy, you should be clear about the end of the campaign but also the starting point. It is not about sharing many content or articles if they do not have the necessary quality. In the case of not meeting a minimum, users will not show any interest.

Quality content responds to the needs of users. You can take advantage of the most common questions or queries to create content that responds to them. It is a way to make users understand that they are heard but also to attract other users who may have the same doubt.

In addition, being the content of interest that is presented as quality content, they are also contents that give life to the brand. Over time, and incorporating other digital marketing strategies, visits and visibility of Internet content will also increase.

Generate income with quality content

Publishers have the option to generate income with quality content. If quality content is presented on a blog or website, these, in turn, will attract the public. And the editor can have a fixed number of readers. Without a doubt, they consume their contents because they adapt to their needs and because they are of quality.

Thus the editor can monetize some content or insert advertising in his domain. By introducing this type of elements, he is generating income thanks to his work, which stands out for being of quality and is well valued.

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